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Integro Softwares, a specialist in development of Real Estate Information Technology (REIT) products & solutions, offers wide range technology-driven services to support Real Estate, Facilities & Property Management operations. A powerful real estate technology Facilio framework designed and operated by domain experts with best in class, highly efficient and easy to operate user interface experience.

Integro Softwares area of specialization is in the real estate domain, development of products and solutions to address the requirements of construction/property/retail industries and facility management systems. Our core focus is the creation of industry specific solutions and services which assist the modern-day Facility / Estate Manager in the delivery of efficient and effective operations. Facilio framework is an efficient REIT platform which supports multiple tools with real-time access and monitoring of real time data/information pertaining to the client’s operation. It supports in making informed decisions and acts as a one-stop solution and services providing detailed and current information that can be accessed anywhere at any-time.

The Facilio Framework has been developed after a comprehensive and a careful study of the real estate industry, which include end to end web portal for RE transactions, project and facility management. Based on the domain expertise, Facilio framework can be heavily customised and can be suited to any country across the globe with localised time zone, multi-lingual and currency support. The Facilio Framework is comprehensive and can be broken up into suitable modules which can be independently acquired based on the scale of operations of RE&F service provider.

The design of Framework solution ensures cost savings on multiple accounts; to the user as it provide excellent control on entire geographically with wide spread of facility operations and offer ideal accountability at the most minute levels. These controls in a short while effectively progress into minimizing costs and enhance productivity in a large scale for the business. This truly cushions the initial cost of investment and makes it a very effective and wise investment solution for Real Estate & Facility industry.