Manufacturing Execution Systems

Automotive Manufacturers

Globally renowned heavy vehicle manufacturing company leveraged the technical expertise of Integro Softwares in streamlining the intricate process of cost sheet preparation.

Automotive Lamp Manufacturers

One of the leading lamp manufacturing companies wiped out opacity in their manufacturing process by implementing LUMIS application proudly built and delivered by us.

Commercial Vechicles

The company is a joint venture between a Japanese & French Auto Major companies, the company is involved in manufacturing and exporting of passenger cars from India.

CA - Costimator Application - Whitesheet Costing

Solution brings suppliers and purchasers on single platform for cost negotiation. Integrated with SAP and supplier PO is released with unique code generated by Costimator. Application manages close to 250,000 parts and 1500+ suppliers.

POS - Part Ordering System

JIT production ordering system. Integrated with tally system ans extended to production system. Implemented handheld devices for paperless production line

SCP - Stamping Capacity Planning

Production line capacity calculation, demand calculation, production model integration with assembly line and parts, model-part-line mapping, entering SPH and other parameters, auto-calculation of trial, ramp-up and production volumes.

WMS - Warehouse Management Solution

WMS integrated with KANBAN system. Fully automated WMS system with end-to-end space and real estate management.

JUMBIKI (Transport) Management System

End-to-end warehoouse or production facility to production facility transportation management system. FC sequencing with real-time validation, dispatch and receivables management.

VSMS - Vehicle Specification Management System

Connected Vehicle Quality Alignment line with VSMS tablets. Real-time analysis of CCR data and generation of Vehicle Specification File for each manufactured car / vehicle. Quality and Safety compliance real-time checks performed using VSMS.

LUMIS - Lamp Unified Manufacturing Information System

End-to-end Integrated Solution - Sales and Marketing, Material Resource Planning, Shop Floor Management, Sanction and Approval Management, HRMS and Payroll, Material Dispatch System, Asset Management System, Additional and Miscellaneous Modules.

VCIS - Vehicle Color Identification System

Integrated Vehicle Inventory Management, Order and Booking Management, Colour Measurement and Application Detailing System, Quality, Model Count and Tail ID Integration System.

MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems

Design, Develop and Implementation of MES Support Systems and Applications. Achieved 99.8% production line uptime. MES Equipment and Servers Support and Maintenance. Recognized by Best Global MES Support team of HITACH Japan. Mission critical support 24 X 7 X 365

VHTS - Vehicle History Card Traceability System

Manages scanned vehicle QA historycard with indexing. Solution is integrated with high speed scanner. Report module with real-time dashboard.Reduces historycard search time from several days to few mins.

SPIMS - Stationary Printing Information Management System

Manages end to end supply chain of print and stationary materials. Used by 6000+ branches and manages various kind of suppliers from paper mills, distributors and retailers.

EPMS - Employee Performance and Workforce Management System

HRMS Integration. Employee Goal Setting, KPI and KRA tracking. Employee Dynamic shift scheduling. Time-card and over-time management

UMS - Uniform and PPE Management System

Shopfloor production and employee schedule integrated - Uniform and PPE availability management system. Auto-inventory issue, depletion and reorder management.