Mobile Application

Engaging customers with Mobile Applications is-an-art!

Mobile Application

We develop geo-location, native, hybrid and web friendly mobile applications tailored to your business needs. Our key focus in addition to User experience is Application speed, Accuracy and Performance.

Business Features

Increase Business Visibility

Increase your company’s visibility and stand out among the competition. Engage your customers by optimizing your content with mobile.

Increase Business Revenue

Continual invention is the mother of all successes. Successful companies embrace continual invention and innovation. They repeat this cycle by adapting their product and service offerings to meet the market demands of their smartphone consumer.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers stay 65%-70% continually connected than occasional customers. Loyal customers keep your revenue flowing, which is why it is extremely important to focus on repeat business.

Application Features

Location Based Messages

Deliver promotional messages based on customer and your business locations.

Geofencing Services

Setting up virtual boundaries using technology to better target and engage your customers and employees. Increase revenue generation, enhance efficiencies and build loyalty through personalized services.

Promotional Messages

Send notifications to clients through your mobile app.

In-app Messaging

Deliver announcements and promotions when customer or users launch your app.

Stamp Card

Offer your customers in-app mobile coupons, discounts, rewarding them with special offers and promotions.

Mobile Payments

Digital / credit card payments. PCI compliant gateways, express payments through you app.

Enhanced Analytics

Get detailed real-time, predictive or proactive analytics and reporting on your Integro Softwares enabled business dashboard.